It's hard to find love in the middle of nowhere.


The Farmers Only app helps you locate other singles – by car, horse or tractor.


Farmers are extremely busy people, so we created accessories to help them browse on the go. 


This corn maze is a great place for a country date night, and spells out a message when seen from above.




ANNCR: In Niobrara County, Wyoming, there are sprawling ranches, dinosaur bones and one person per square mile. So it's hard to find your neighbor if you need a cup of sugar, let alone a date. Farmers Only helps you connect with cute country people by the power of the Internet. Even if you've lived apart all your life, you can still make someone a part of your life. Farmers Only. Online datin'. Bringing the country together. 


ANNCR: The tiny town of Luckenbach, Texas, has an Old West saloon, a dance hall and a population of three. That means, at any given time, at least one person is sad and lonely. If you are that sad and lonely person, and you happen to be listening, please go to It's there you'll find attractive country people to share your life with. Thanks, and you're welcome. Farmers Only. Online datin'. Bringing the country together.

AD: Jessie Kemmerling